Orlando Cloggers

Clogging up Central Florida for over 30 years! :)

New beginner classes are starting on

Thursday, July 14, 2016


I describe Clogging as Riverdance meets the Clampetts. It is a percussive dance form that grew from a variety of other forms including Irish step dance. This happened decades ago, and is now known worldwide as Traditional American Clogging.

Clogging is an American folk dance. Although it is practiced all over the world, its rumored origin is in Appalachian mountain region. Style is as varied as dialect, even though we trade steps and routines to groups of all cultures.

The basics of clogging is constant: dancers wear two-piece, metallic taps which are nailed to both toes & heels. Basic steps usually begin on the upbeat and end on the downbeat. Most of the foot is used when clogging, including the tip of the toe, side of the foot, and back edge of the heel. Alternative to one of clogging's origin dances -- the Irish step dance -- body motion is all but rigid. In fact, arm movements and skirt flipping (for the girls) are even choreographed into many routines.

We dance to a variety of music from Bluegrass to Techno, Country to Pop. Some regional varieties include adding Canadian step, jazz, or aerobic movements.